Our Approach

The ApplyYourself approach starts from the admissions “committee room” and works backwards from there. This is based on years of experience in college admissions evaluating applications and advocating for students. We are college admissions consultants based in Fairfield country, Connecticut, but serve clients across the US, the UK and in Asia.

We help students present themselves in organized, consistent and appropriate ways. The key steps in the process include developing a personal profile, selecting schools, writing essays and practicing interviews. We begin with a determination of which credentials should be highlighted. We use this information at our first meeting with the client to establish a plan to optimize all sections of the application. We also use this to match the student’s strengths with the schools that appear to be the best fits (reaches, targets and “probables”).

The student’s qualifications are highlighted in all aspects involved in the process: the application, essays, recommendations and interviews.


We offer different programs depending on where the student is in the process. All programs include developing a profile to position the student and help with essay writing for one application. More in-depth programs are available for students that want to start the process earlier and/or want more help with applications.


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